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Mother Goose On The Loose!

Grab your little one and put them on your knee for a rolicking good time!

Acka Backa

 Acka Backa soda cracker,  acka backa boo,

 (rock, swing or bounce child)

 Acka Backa soda cracker, I love you!  (hug child)

 Acka Backa soda cracker, acka backa boo. (rock, swing or bounce)

 Acka Backa soda cracker,  Up goes you!  (Lift child in the air)

Mother Goose Rhymes might seem out of place in our modern world, but the fun language, exciting rhythms and repetition make them perfect for Baby’s first language experiences.  You can find lots of books at the library (like the ones below) to learn new rhymes or help you remember old favorites to share with your little ones.  

Beatrix Potter’s Nursery Rhyme Book, J398.8 POT 

My Very First Mother Goose, J398.8 MOT

Baby Goose, J398.8 MOT

Or a new take on an old favorite:  Four and Twenty Dinosaurs, J398.8 MOS

For more information about this book visit our catalog.