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My child loved that song in Storytime! What is it?

Did your little one sing a song from Storytime today all the way home in the car? Some of the tunes we use are not just fun to sing — they support early literacy skills such as rhythm, rhyme, self-regulation, and imaginative play!  All these skills are put into play when your child begins to read, and gets better and better at reading.

The artists that we use quite regularly in our story times are Jim Gill (pictured above),  Carole Peterson,  Laurie Berkner, Greg & Steve, Parachute Express, and Ralph’s World.  Their playful lyrics and catchy tunes stick with you long after you’ve left the building.    

Here are 20 of our all-time favorite hits at Naperville Public Library! You might notice that a number of songs are by Jim Gill and Carole Peterson both of whom live right here in Illinois!

  1. The Silly Dance Contest – Jim Gill
  2. Put Your Finger on Your Nose – Jim Gill
  3. Shakin’ It – Jim Gill
  4. Sliding, Rolling and Jumping – Jim Gill
  5. Jumping and Counting – Jim Gill
  6. Truck Stop (new!) – Jim Gill
  7. Knuckle Knees – Jim Gill
  8. Toe Leg Knee – Jim Gill
  9. My Ups and Downs – Jim Gill
  10. Pig On Her Head – Laurie Berkner
  11. BOOTS – Laurie Berkner
  12. My Energy – Laurie Berkner
  13. Shoo Fly – Carole Peterson
  14. Singing In The Rain – Carole Peterson
  15. Put Your Finger On – Parachute Express
  16. Ready For A Good Time – Greg & Steve
  17. Mack Chicken Dance – Greg & Steve
  18. Glad To See You – Peter & Ellen Allard
  19. Freeze Dance – Hap Palmer
  20. Driving In My Car – Ralph’s World

Another fun way to add music to your day is to sing your stories.  Bob McGrath has a wonderful CD titled Sing Me  A Story.  The first track, Everyone Asked About You, is a particular favorite at story time.