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We LOVE our Summer Volunteers!

A busy day for our S.T.A.R.S.!

Our eight-week Summer Reading Program could not run without our volunteers in Childrens and Adult Services, who “man” our signup desks every hour we are open in June and July!  We call them S.T.A.R.S. (“Summertime Assistants Really Shine!”) and they are. And there is more: our teen volunteers who read with emerging readers in our “Read2Gether” program are literally growing a community of readers every summer! Some extra fantastic volunteers work in Childrens, Teens AND  Read2Gether! Whew! They have lots of energy, and we appreciate it!

Books rock this summer.

We absolutely LOVE this summer’s  607 volunteers, in grades 6-12,  who have promoted 2012’s Summer’s Reading Progam theme, “READING IS SO DELICIOUS!” And the amazing fact is that 251 of them  volunteered last year as well. Some  of these fantastic teens have worked in our Summer Reading Program for many years.

Summer Volunteers at the Teen Read Sign-up Desk

THANKS TO ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERS! You make us proud.  Summer Read ends on July 29th and we will miss working with you in the fall.

Our S.T.A.R.S. really shine!

Reading together is fun!







-Carla E. @ Naper Blvd. Library


Our NEW “GRAB ‘N GO” Nonfiction Tables at Naper Blvd. Library!

Grab one!

If your child is a reluctant reader, try a book from our new “Grab ‘N Go” nonfiction tables in the Childrens Department at Naper Blvd. Library!

Titles for older readers (“Grab “N Go”) are displayed face up on a small table by the Childrens Reference Desk. Books for younger kids (“Grab “N Go, Jr.”) are face up on a table by the Program Room door. The limited number of books are easy to browse, easy to select and check out.

What’s so great about nonfiction (the ones with numbers on their spines)? Nonfiction represents the true world, and can answer a lot of questions children have. Information is presented in graphically pleasing ways, using photographs, artwork, bright colors, eye-catching fonts, graphs, cartoons, and text boxes! These books just beg to be explored!

Please open me and bring me home!


 Our “Grab “N Go” table displays change every week, and can feature current events or complement our Family Storytime themes.

Kids can read nonfiction differently than fiction (stories from the author’s imagination). They can read some chapters only, part of the book, or read nonfiction out of page order — whatever catches their fancy. They can linger on some pages, and skip others. They can find specific facts using an index or table of contents.

Many children, especially boys, are looking for “the facts, ma’am, just the facts,” especially when it comes to:

  • how to make a paper airplane fly
  • how to do a magic trick
  • how much a Great Dane weighs
  • how pirates talk
  • what the Titanic looked like and who was on board
  • how whales communicate
  • what a spider looks like up close … just to give a few examples.

Encourage your child to GRAB a book from our new displays, and then GO and enjoy it. Your reluctant reader may bloom before your eyes.

-Carla E. @ Naper Blvd. Library

Join NPL’s Summer Reading Program!

Don’t let your child lose the gains he or she has made in reading this school year … Sign up for the Summer Reading Program (SRP) beginning Monday, June 4th!

The Naperville Public Library’s SRP will encourage your child to keep reading this summer.

Reading is an essential life skill that everyone needs in order to be successful.  Our goal is to promote reading in your child’s life.  The SRP will reward children with prizes and coupons as they complete their reading log.  Listening time counts as well, not only with pre-readers, but with readers too.  Listening skills are important, and listening to a book nurtures a love of books and reading. 

It can also be an enjoyable family activity and strengthen your bond with your child.

We have a couple of other programs this summer that will appeal to children entering Grades 1-5 who are able to read independently:

Read2gether – children entering Grades 1-5 spend an hour alternately reading and listening with a volunteer entering Grades 6-12

Bark for Books “Summer Edition” – each Saturday June 9-July 28, children entering Grades K-5 can spend 10-15 minutes reading to a trained dog

Check our Summer Program Guide for times and locations.

–Meris @ Naper Blvd. Library


Cooking Up Some Early Literacy

If you GIVE a pig a pancake, he may make a huge mess, but if you show him how to MAKE one, and you are teaching him reading, science, and math skills! 

Cooking is Reading

*Reading and talking about the recipe helps children develop early literacy skills.

 Cooking is Math

*Measuring the ingredients with your child teaches them about fractions and setting a timer teaches them about the passing of time.

 Cooking is Science

*Making a recipe is a lot like a scientific experiment complete with observations, predictions, experimentation, and evaluation.  Talk about what happens to the raw ingredients as they journey through the cooking process. 

So the next time you make a mess with your kids in the kitchen, remember the lessons they learn in the kitchen will last long after the cleanup!

 Grab a book and get cooking!  

Maisy Bakes a Cake E COU









Cook-A-Doodle-Doo! E STE