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Baseball Bracelet

Judging from the warmer weather, all the new leaves, and the green grass I think it’s safe to say that spring has arrived!  The arrival of spring brings baseball season and the opportunity to turn your game winning baseball into a cool gift for mom for Mother’s Day. 

To get started you’ll just need a few things, a leather baseball, a sharp blade, and a pair of scissors.

Although you can use a synthetic covered baseball, the resulting bracelet will be much nicer if you use a leather ball since you will be able to straighten the red stitched strip of ball covering.

You might need to ask your dad for help on the first step since it will involve a sharp blade.  Using the blade cut about 1/4 inch away on both the inside and outside of the red stitching.  It might be helpful to use a pencil to mark the cutting lines first.   Be very careful not to cut into the red stitching or the holes during this step.  Do not worry if your cuts turn out a bit wobbly since you can use the scissors to straighten out the cut edge once the strip has been removed from the baseball.

This is what the ball should look like when you remove the unused sections.

Now you can peel off the red stitching and this is what it’ll look like when the strip is first removed from the ball.

Find the spot on the stitching where the red strings begin and end.  Keeping the string ends out of the way use the scissors to cut across the leather to create one long strip.  This is the time when you might want to even out the edges with a pair of scissors.  Find the center of the strip and measure off the circumference of your mom’s wrist.  Now carefully undo the red strings from the stitching holes upto the wrist measurement markings.

Once you have reached the wrist markings, carefully cutaway the leather ends on both sides being careful to keep the red strings out of the way.  Now undo the strings and you will see that there are 4 of them.  Tie the centermost two together and then treating those two strings as one, make a three strand braid with the loose red string on both ends of the strip.   When you are finished braiding tie both ends securely with a knot.  Your bracelet is now complete and ready to give to mom. 

She’ll need to use the braided ties to hold the bracelet on her wrist.  The bracelet will smooth out with time or you can soak it in water to speed the process and soften the leather.  Mom will definitely love your gift  since you made it yourself.   Dad might even enjoy wearing one so you can make another one him for Father’s Day with some help from mom of course.  

Happy Spring!