@ Naperville Public Library

Numbers are all around us! As a parent, you use them everyday — let your child in on the power of math!

In an emergency, does your child know their age, address, phone number and how to dial 911?

What is your telephone number?








Count together. How many books did we check out today at the Library?

 How tall is your child? How much does he or she weigh? Numbers again!

Which cup is the largest? Smallest? How many ounces in each one?

Let’s order the largest cup of coffee!

What shape is a stop sign?

Numbers are everywhere, especially at THE LIBRARY!  So, Moms, Dad, Grandmas, Caregivers–grab your preschooler and come play with us at all 3 locations during our first Special Program of the Fall Season, the  interactive program, “FUN WITH MATH”:

September 4 at 95th St. Library;

September 12 at Naper Blvd. Library

and September 27 at Nichols Library.

All programs are 10:30-11:15 am.

We will have more fun than 101 monkeys!

-Carla E. @Naper Blvd. Library


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