@ Naperville Public Library

Eager Readers!

If the happy faces I’ve been seeing are any indication, there are some very eager readers visiting the library in the week or so since school started.  We are always willing to share tips and tools on how to help your child to read but some parents quickly find out that one style does not fit all children.

Children often learn to read at their own pace and when they are really ready.  For some children this might be well before their first day of school and others may not be ready until they reach first grade.   Below are some tips for you, some that I have used myself and some shared by other parents.

  • Make letters out of everything.  Spell it out with food, toothpicks, sand, sugar, or anything else you find.
  • Make reading part of the day and look for letters and words everywhere you go. The grocery store is a great place for this. Point out print everywhere.
  • Read a lot of books.
  • Once is not enough.  It’s really okay to read the same story or book 100 times if the child is enjoying it. Re-reading helps kids read more quickly and accurately.
  • Label the objects of your home with the name of the item written on an index card.  Seeing the word “clock” next to the clock helps your child to recognize the names to familiar objects.
  • Give everything a name to increase your child’s vocabulary.
  • Reading is fun so remember to read to your child with humor and expression.  You can even use different voices for each character!
  • Know when to stop.  If you have lost their attention then it may be time to take a break.
  • Read it and live it.   If you have been reading about animals then perhaps a trip to a farm or zoo would be fun to share.
  • Play word games.  Recite tongue twisters and silly rhymes.  This helps kids to hear the many sounds in each word.
  • Don’t leave home without a book or magazine to help pass the time while waiting in lines.
  • Find books that are not too difficult.  Your child needs lots of successful reading experiences to become a confident reader.
  • Lastly, be patient.  Give your child a chance to sound out the words on their own before you gently correct them or point out their mistakes.  Remind them to look closely at the letters of each word.

The Nichols and the Naper Blvd branches have labeled the easiest Readers in our collection with a big green and white striped sticker on the spine of the book for easy selection of the simplest books.  Our 95th Street branch has a list that you can borrow to find these same easy Readers in their collection. 

We hope you visit us soon to continue on your reading adventure.

~Deanna @ Nichols


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