@ Naperville Public Library

Family Fun!

So you’ve just picked up the kids from school or perhaps just finished dropping the older ones off, what can you do now that would really be fun for everyone?  How about stopping by the library for some great family fun?  Many families visit the library on a regular basis and one of their favorite gathering places is our Family Center.   In the Family Center you will find many fun things to do and play with.  There are puppets, lots of puzzles, board books, toys, rubber animals, blocks, activity cubes, and coloring pages with crayons just to name a few.  I always enjoy seeing the creative ways that some families have fun.  Just look at this grown-up being buried by puppets and alphabet letters!


Sometimes the families gather just to let the grown-ups have some time to chat with other grown-ups.  Sitting on the floor with the kids on the colorful rug amongst, the puzzles, toys, and books, these ladies are having a relaxing afternoon with their families and friends in the Family Center at Nichols.


Can you see the Letter of the Week display on the back wall in the photo above?  You will often find Literacy Spots sprinkled throughout each of our buildings.  One of my personal favorite things for families to do is to stage their own puppet shows.  Sometimes the parents put one on for the kids and other times the children will line up the chairs and put on a show for the entire group. 

I never tire of listening to the laughter and learning that goes on in the Family Center.  Please stop by any one of our buildings and start having some fun with us today!  We always look forward to your visits with us.  See you soon!



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