@ Naperville Public Library

ImageReading  and writing go together. Both are ways to represent spoken words and to communicate information and tell stories. Once your child can grasp a thick crayon or marker, encourage them to draw and wite. Those beginning scribbles may not be actual words, but they have meaning to your child.  As children write, they become aware that the printed letters and words stand for spoken words. They begin to understand the purpose of reading through the process of writing. Scribbling and drawing  also help children develop eye-hand coordination and the fine motor control they need to hold a pencil.There are all sorts of fun ways to encourage your child to get ready to write:

  • Practice picking up small objects such as Cheerios (Remember to be careful of choking hazards)
  • Play with playdough. Make small blocks or shapes.
  • Build with interlocking blocks, like Legos or Duplo.
  • Manipulate paper- tear it, wad it into balls, and fold it.
  • Trace letters in the sand or dirt.
  • Have your child help you write the weekly grocery list
  • Write down your child’s stories and have them draw pictures to go with the story.
  • Make your own mailbox and have your child write letters to friends and family.
  • Teach them how to write their name.

-Karen B., 95th St. Library


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